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.....* Well Cars
.....* Dump Trucks
.....* Van Bodies
.....* Special-Purpose Trucks

.....* Passenger/Cargo Minivan
.....* Passenger Minivan
.....* Special-Purpose Refitting
.....* Laminated Plywood Internal Trim

A/C & Refrigerators

* Refrigerators
* Air Conditioners for Bus & Vans
* Truck's Air Conditioners

.....* Lifts:
.......- Cargo
.......- Special-Purpose
.....* Hydrosets
.....* Winches
* Autonomous Heaters
.....* Baggage Platforms and Ladders
.....* Tow Bars
.....* Beacons for Special Vehicles and
........Additional Devices

.....* Hood  Fabrication
* Technical Refitting Projects with
........CSDD Coordination

.....* Sunroofs, Ventilation
.....* Spoilers and Hoods
.....* Specialised Furniture

.....* Hangars
.....* Tents

.....* Stencil Method
.....* Vinyl Film

.....* and Specialised Fittings


Welcome to our website!

About us:

         AUTAVA was founded in 2000. The company’s main line of work is manufacture and assembly of cargo truck bodies for various purposes, such as well cars, aluminium bodies and bodies, lightly insulated, plywood, isothermic bodies, dump trucks with single and three-way loading, tented bodies with sliding sides and tops. We install equipment for public transport, cisterns, microlifts and manipulators. We also convert cargo trucks into city, suburban, inter-city minivans, special-purpose minivans, as well as perform repair works on all of the above.


        Over the years, our company has accumulated vast experience within the industry. Professional specialists work in our cutting-edge workshops. Our construction department is responsible for professional development of technical projects drawing on years of experience to suit the needs of our customers. Our services comply with safety regulations and standards applicable in Latvia applicable to aftermarket vehicle conversion, and are coordinated with the Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD).

        The necessary parts and spares are purchased mostly in European Union member countries and meet the applicable standards, regulations, rules and directives of the European Union.
Our customers are car dealerships, large and small companies – both state and private.
We will hear you out and do our best to make your wishes a reality, with great professionalism and sincere joy!

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